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Soluna Green – LED Lights utilize clusters of LEDs to generate bright, energy-efficient light that is suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. These lights offer several key benefits over traditional light fixtures:

Long Lasting Soluna Green – LED Lights last ten times longer than compact florescent lights, and even longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
Durable LED lights are solid lights that contain no filament. This means that bumping, jarring or shaking the light will not damage the bulbs.
Cool LED technology means no build-up of dangerous heat. An incandescent bulb, like those found in most homes, produces 85 BTUs/hour; Soluna Green – LED Lights produce less than five. More than cool to the touch, these bulbs can help cut down on air conditioning costs as well.
Efficient Today’s LED bulbs require between two and 10 watts of electricity nearly one-third less than traditional light fixtures. With many LED bulbs having a light life of 50,000 hours, maintenance and repair costs are significantly lower as well.

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