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LED Rope Lights

Creating a soft lighting look for your home, office, or advertising needs used to mean using multiple lighting sources, all of which were prone to early burn-outs and were potentially dangerous. Today, home and business owners have a better choice – LED rope lights. These flexible ropes of lights are safe, cost-effective, and far safer than traditional lighting methods.

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Rope lights are ideal for back lighting or highlighting shelves, art objects, steps, or other architectural features. The ropes come in a variety of diameters, with the larger diameter ropes being more durable and the smaller offering the user greater flexibility. Installing LED rope lights is as simple as hanging Christmas lights, and offers a soft glow where ever they are placed.

Choose one color or several to help create a look that is uniquely yours. Try LED rope lights as accent pieces or as cove lighting for a more modern look and feel.

Whether you are interested in lighting up a hidden step for safety purposes or want to shed soft light on your products, LED rope lights are the answer. See how flexible lighting can be today.